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Avid reader, bookworm, book lover, or the slightly more modern “bookaholic” are just some of the words that might correctly describe you if you’re passionate about books and reading.Transform Chrome’s New Tab page into something really worth your whileIf that’s the case, without any hesitation, we definitely recommend you check out 100 Million Books, an attractive Chrome extension that aims to put your “bookishness” to the test by helping you discover a new book each time you open a new tab.Come to think about it, the idea is quite ingenious, since we are already constantly opening new tabs in our never-ending pursuit of fresh information, so, why not discover something that could be potentially interesting to read each time we do it?Most will love it for its utter simplicity; others might want a few extra optionsEven though this extension provides a very smooth and unobtrusive way of boosting your intellectual life, it’s not at all difficult to imagine how it could potentially be a massive distraction, so use it wisely, or else you might just find yourself after hours and hours, with your projects or other responsibilities put on hold.With that in mind, a quick switch to turn it on or off directly from Chrome’s toolbar would have been quite useful. Since we’re on the subject of “could be better,” it would have been great if the books were categorized and you could actually pick the topics that interest you the most. Of course, that’s our opinion, and it’s understandable if lots of you out there prefer it as is.A new idea, a new book, a new possibility, each time you open a new tab in ChromeAs with most extensions, it hardly requires any effort in order to be installed: simply click the “ADD TO CHROME” button from its official Chrome Web Store page, and that’s about it, no configuration, no extra-hassle required.Considering all that’s been said, this is hands-down one of the best “New Tab” extensions out there. If not for anything else, it’s well worth having it installed just for the fact that it provides you with quality descriptions of various hand-picked books from all over the world.

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Download · DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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100MillionBooks was written by so-called “bookaholic” and avid reader, Sirbill Henry.The extension provides an easy way to discover a new book every time you open a new tab in Chrome.The extensions primary functionality is to allow for easy access to a database of books.It’s based on the perfect analogy with the way we like to keep our books: We browse through different books everyday, so why not make it easy to find the newest and freshest content right away?Every book is covered with a nice description of what’s about to be read, so you can either just browse through the list, or take a look at the description of a book you’re keen on reading.100 Million Books for Chrome Installer – 100 Million Books for Chrome Requirements:Deze niet-geïndocteerde jongen verstreept feiten en stelt vragen. Hij wil weten waarom jongens in Nederland onwelgevallen worden met geweld. Ook wil hij voelen wat een rechtstaat is. Er liggen flinke droljes daaruit.
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100 Million Books is a simple extension for Chrome that’ll delight book lovers on Chrome.New book each time you open a new tabSet the number of books to your liking and you’ll be provided with a new book each time you open a new tab in Chrome.Most recommended books across categoriesDiscovering new books based on your personal taste and interests is a lot of fun, and 100 Million Books will help you get there.Browse in English, Spanish, French, German or Italian100 Million Books comes with translations for English, Spanish, French, German and Italian, and you can set the language of your choice.Right there and then, you can start reading your new book.Discover new books by categoryYou can choose to browse the books based on the categories in which they were published (such as “Business”, “Science & Technology”, or “Biographies”, amongst others), and then download them to your devices.Choose between the latest books, most popular books and most recommended booksThere’s no need to worry about going through a dozen or so books that might not be very appealing to you: when you’re browsing through them, you’ll be provided with a “Most recommended books” page that will show you the most popular books in each category.Keep your reading data in the cloudTo make sure your reading data isn’t lost somewhere in the recesses of your computer, 100 Million Books stores the books you’ve already read in the cloud.Take a sneak peek at a preview, or continue readingOnce you’ve finished reading a book, you can simply open it again or continue reading it in the preview section.Read while on the goYou can even read a book on the go if you have a compatible Chromecast device.The “Read later” feature is also useful for this.Share your book with your friends and followersYou can send the URL of any book to your friends, or if you have a Google account, you can share it with your followers.Here are a few other features:– Read more– Download books for offline reading– Add to your reading list– And moreVisit the Chrome Web Store page for 100 Million Books for more information.Use ChromeBook to bypass all the ads on Google searchTake the advertising pages out of Google search resultsOnce you have installed the ChromeBook adblock extension, you will be able to visit any search result page and see just the content itself.b7e8fdf5c8

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Most people are very familiar with the world of books, even though many of us don’t actually take the time to read one. 100 Million Books for Chrome is an extension that aims to bridge this gap, with the aim of making one of the most exhausting pastimes into an even more enjoyable one.This extension makes books the number one tab on your Google Chrome new tab page. Every time you open a new tab, a new book is suggested. This gives you the chance to open a book you wouldn’t have otherwise, and this is done in the most intuitive way possible.We chose some nice books from Amazon, from each country in the world. And we don’t just provide you with descriptions that sound like you’re reading a commercial either, but we provide you with beautiful, well-formatted and really engaging information.You can tell by the books we’ve handpicked that we wanted to find something good, something that would be pleasurable and also informative. We tried to provide you with a great mix of non-fiction and fiction, to give you a fresh perspective in reading, and all with the aim of making you discover new authors that we haven’t yet been introduced to.As you can tell by the information we provided, we want you to find a new book to dive into, and we hope you enjoy reading them just as much as we enjoyed writing them.Amazon Books lists and descriptions are taken from Amazon.com. Read more
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From the developer:100 Million Books is a daily browser extension that gets you to discover great reading. This simple and intuitive extension shows you a book each day on your new tab page. To see what books to discover, you can pick the topic categories in your existing bookmarks or visit the 100 Million Books section of the web.100 Million Books is also available for Firefox and Safari, so if you use any of those browsers then keep an eye out for an update.Top Features:・ The book you discover each day is completely unique, based on your interests and browsing history.・ Discover titles categorized by genre, by popularity, and by author.・ Find a book using your current bookmarks, or, if you are feeling adventurous, explore the web for recommendations.・ You can share books with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads.・ There is also an option to help expand this library.・ Read reviews, check out ratings, and buy a book without leaving your favorite site.・ You can sign up for the notification center to get notified of new books every day.・ You can customize the option for additional book categories.・ By visiting the 100MillionBooks.com site you can connect with BookCrossing, use their “book of the day” tool, and follow the best bookers on Facebook and Twitter.100 Million Books is an extension that works with any browser that allows add-ons. Keep your browser updated to avoid issues.Tutorial:You can also find tutorial videos on our website.Changelog:• Version 1.1.8:– Improved the “Book a friend” section. If the option is available, it will now make the recommendation based on your friend’s browsing history.– Added text sizes to all non-english countries.• Version 1.1.7:– When the Chrome web store adds new countries, the extension will automatically download the new language files.• Version 1.1.6:– Added a bookmark bar toggle. To remove the bar, click the option once.– Added new languages for India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Poland.• Version 1.1.5:– Fixed a problem with the new option.• Version 1.1.4:– Fixed a problem with the books not updating on certain websites.– Fixed a problem

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It is highly recommended that you have a working internet connection and a television or monitor with a native resolution of at least 720p. For the best experience, a pixel density of at least 75dpi is recommended.Compatibility: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10.Compatibility with macOS and Linux is limited to later versions, so keep this in mind when selecting your operating system.Localization: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian,

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