Allergy on Peanut and Milk research (Nutrition class)

Please do only: 4-5 pages own words (minimum 1000 words, double space, time roman), and citation (APA or CBE citation style)

Paper should be a synthesis of what other scientists or experts have learned in 4 articles attached, while deriving your own conclusion from the evidence presented.

Will tip 70% to 100% of the price if: (1) On time (otherwise, 0% tip), (2) Use your own word via TURNITIN) (otherwise, withdrawn)

Attached are 4 articles (pdf), 2 of them related to Peanut Allergy, 2 related to Milk Allergy

Below is what professor wants:

You will be expected to identify, evaluate, interpret and utilize the information you obtain through research to critically discuss problems related to those issues. You will be graded on your ability to address complex issues related to food toxicology and our environment using analytical, reasoning and critical thinking skills to develop sound and effective arguments in support of your opinions, and to effectively communicate your ideas through both oral and written communication.

The presentation and paper should:

  1. include a specific, clearly stated objective statement in the Introduction. For example, the objective of this presentation / paper is to — “evaluate current evidence regarding the scientific safety of genetically modified organism” or “examine current research on the relationship between polychlorinated biphenols contamination and reproductive failure in women”;
  2. report all findings in the past tense, and your summary in the present tense;
  3. not use first or second person or value-based statements (i.e. I believe, I think, etc). Use objective descriptive statements (e.g. “the data suggest”, “the studies provide strong evidence“, or “the data support the conclusion”);
  4. be properly referenced – make sure your citations in the text are in the reference list and vise versa.

In approaching the issues:
1. It is important to narrow your focus and do an in-depth analysis of a specific issue rather than simply describe a problem with broad generalized strokes.

  1. Keep the presentation focused on the specific issue in question, do not wander aimlessly around a topic.
  2. Distinguish between the purely scientific arguments and arguments from social, political or philosophical positions.
  3. Discuss what differences, if any, are there in arguments made by scientist, consumer advocates, sociologist, religious or ethnic leaders?
  4. Discuss the issue without prejudice or bias, acknowledge other points of view, but do not be afraid to state and argue for your own.
  5. Do not make unsupported statements or claims.
  6. Do not assume that the “majority view” or “generally accepted opinion” is “correct”.
  7. Discuss the issue thoroughly, provide critical analysis (very important) and then suggest directions for further research.

Evaluation of Final Written Report (50 pts)
9 pts objectives, point of view or arguments clearly presented?
4 pts Research design/methods described?
4 pts Was the evidence, arguments, and findings reported without bias?
9 pts Was a critical evaluation made of the studies, including methods and interpretation of data? Were strengths and limitations noted?
9 pts Was a conclusion clearly stated? Did it draw from the findings?
4 pts Was a discussion made of the significance of the findings?
7 pts Was the paper written clearly, with few grammatical errors, and in an organized manner?
4 pts Was the paper submitted in a professional manner (i.e. with name, date, title, following instructions, and handed in on time)?

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