Applying Psychology to a Current Event

We’ve had quite the year in 2020: a global pandemic, a presidential election, racial protests, and more.In this assignment, you’ll discuss a current event from a psychological perspective. You may choose one of the events I mentioned above, or come up with one of your own. Make sure the event took place sometime in 2020 and that it lends itself to psychological analysis.

Applying Course Material

Apply three topics from this course to your analysis. You can be flexible in how you do so, but please avoid choosing all three topics from the same chapter. See uploaded files for OpenStax topics.

1.Begin with an introduction, giving me a very brief overview of your current event (a few sentences at most).

2. Apply one topic from this course to your discussion.  How does that psychological principle apply to the current event?  Please be specific as you provide examples. 

3. Apply two more topics from this course, following the same procedure that you used in Step 3. 

4. Conclude with a brief reflection.Do you understand the event any differently after viewing it through a psychological lens? How so?


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