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As a nurse of more than 10 years, it is a daily fight to collaberate with all areas of care. In our facility, we have “discharge rounds” which is where nursing, physical therapy, case management, and social services meet to discuss patient needs. In general, working together with all aspects of our patients care is the ideal situation. When interdisciplinary care is used, the patient is well taken care of from all aspects and has all the tools needed for a positive outcome. As I looked through these care models, I decided to search one that has had an increased impact in my community. Central PA has seen an increase in homelessness, mental illness and drug abuse. It has become somewhat of an epidemic. With this new population of patients, teamwork is needed to assist these patients in becoming healthy members of society once again. The National HEalthcare for the homeless council addressed this process and describes it as the following:

Behavioral Health/Primary Care Integration and the Person-Centered Healthcare Home (2009) – The National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare published a report describing recommendations for reducing health disparities for individuals with mental health disorders. The report presents the case for a patient-centered medical home model that integrates behavioral health and primary care using a team-based approach. The Four Quadrant Clinical Integration Model is described in full detail and the report ends with policy and practice implications of implementing this model.

The 4 quadrant integration model is set up to assist health care professionals with identifying patient needs and how to address them. The 4 quadrants are High physical health/low behavioral health, low physical health/low behavioral health, high behavioral health/high physical health and high behavioral/low physical. This model allows for a specific model on what to do and how to teach these patients effectively. It is a great tool to help these patients achieve a positive outcome.


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