Awareness movie Solving Educational behaviors problem in intermediate schools by using 2d animation

Awareness movie Solving Educational behaviors problem in intermediate schools by using 2d animationAWARNESS MOVIE
Introduction :Competing of technology and rapid advancement in the field of information and communication increased concerns of people and decreased the traditional social communication that replaced at this time by social networking, for that society turns to unconventional way to obtain benefits, solutions and entertainment.Teenagers and children are the most grantee of this technology because they have grown up within this communication that changed the area of education and entertainment. In the field of education, instructions can be delivered using well designed interactive multimedia, this technology enables instructional reach through effective learning strategies such as warning and advice through 2D or 3D animation or animated cartoons, application and digital games. Nowadays YouTube programs Spread widely and programs have abounded, on the other side many segments of society tended to follow all this new media that include series, movies, motions and animations €¦ what resulting to impact by this media whether they are positive or negative.therefore this proposal planning to developing the movies that targeted the main audience namely..children and teenagers who could affected easily by the behaviors. So we resort to introduce edutainment software which aim to educate or awareness at the same time entertain users is a good alternative to bring about behavioral change by engendering specific social and cultural attitudes such as social issues and acceptable behaviors.Use a new way of drawing and unique by aIDing graphic effects is a great style that could be used to make attracting attention for audiences and introduce them what is the new in design as graphic, animation and multimedia ..that could also make them looking to aID new elements or create new effects in future to be supportive of educate and awareness process, all of this contributes to developed Saudi media.1 The Research QuestionEducational behavior problems for students in the schoolsOnes of these behaviors :Smoking, cheating, argument the other students and teachers.
A. Aims And Objectives1. Put the educational behavior problem in 2d motion graphic movie to make awareness for community in an attracted way, in other case, Saudi society are conservative so they could not communicate their issues through realistic media in strong way.2. Create a new awareness method could make it easier for target audience themselves to respond the solution than using traditional methods as advising, guiding or punishment.3. In other side, looking to aID new elements for Saudi animation as graphic effects.4. Introduce the fields of design as graphic, animation and multimedia for the community.B. Audienceteenagers in intermediate level school between 13-15 years old.Why ?1. Educational problems usually being started in this level.2. they are in the level to discovering themselves and the world around so they should get awareness of wrong habits by manner appropriate with their ages.C. ContextThe field of research will be in educational behaviors problem for students inside Saudi Arabia, level of intermediate school. Consider for the wrong educational behaviors that the students are suffering of and search for the useful methods of treatment for some of these problems.the treatment and warning using visual style because The society -including the target audience could notice to the issue further and faster if we use nontraditional methods like display movies especially that the visual thinking is the most common and popular among people even if they have another type of thinking Visual thinking is the phenomenon of thinking through visual processing. Visual thinking has been described as seeing words as a series of pictures. Visual thinking is common in approximately 60%€“65% of the general population a b c d e f Deza 2009, p. 526.As of May 2011, YouTube has 800 million monthly unique users worldwide who upload more than 48 hours of video to the site every minute. People are watching more than 3 billion videos daily €“ that’s the equivalent of nearly half the world’s population watching a YouTube video every day.54% of all Teens are on YouTube.21.6 million of 40 million online users Statistics YouTube 2011, inside Saudi Arabia, masameer that consider as fourth highest channel _ that talked about social issues and their impact in society_ is in the number of subscribers in country ????? ?????? ????? ??????????? €“ YouTube. (2011-11-13). accessed 2011-11-21. That mean that teenagers make large proportion of YouTube users and in other side large amount of them are fans with new idea of movies and animation.Animation is a technique that enables a series of static images to look as if they are alive, able to communicate verbally, with action and with the ability to move . Animations are widely used in various industries such as advertisement, entertainment, education and science. In Japan, animation is known as Anime. Anime is an art that can help adolescents to shape and build their identities based on their favorite anime Mohar, D. Bringing the outside in: One teachers ride on the Anime highway, Language Arts. 8,2, 2003, pp.110-117. Anime can also help develop various skills and abilities among children Frey, N. & Fisher, D. Using graphics novels, anime and the Internet in an urban high school. English Journal, 93,3, 2004, pp. 19. Therefore, we can use animation to educate children as well as adolescents about proper behaviors beside entertain them.
reviewed 50 films released between 1937 and 1997 by 5 major production companies (Walt Disney Co, MGM/United Artists, Warner Brothers Studios, Universal Studios, and 20th Century Fox) that were available on videotape for episodes of tobacco and alcohol use. They found that more than two thirds of animated children’s films feature tobacco or alcohol use in story plots without clear verbal messages of any negative long-term health effects associated with use of either substance. Exposure to movie smoking is risk factor for habit formation. A Review of 40 selected studies on smoking in the movies showed that smoking in movies increases adolescent smoking initiation. Exposure to movie smoking makes viewers’ attitudes and beliefs about smoking and smokers more favorable and has a dose-response relationship with adolescent smoking behavior Charlesworth, A. & Glantz, S.A. Smoking in the Movies Increases Adolescent Smoking: Strong empirical evidence indicates that smoking in movies increases adolescent smoking initiation. PEDIATRICS, 116, 6, 2005, pp. 1516-1528. children and adolescents couldinteract with conducts and behavior in animation whether the behaviors are positive or negative, therefore developing edutainment software which aim to educate or awareness at the same time entertain users is a good alternative to bring about behavioral change by engendering specific social and cultural attitudes such as social issues and acceptable behaviors.
2 Research Methodology¬Make online discussion with number of student adviser how specialists on education or sociology, have experience by work at governmental intermediate schools .. where the students there are the greatest percentage of the whole intermediate schools’ students in Saudi Arabia, then pick up the most common educational behaviors problems there.B. Evaluationevaluations will taken from result of the movie votingC. Output2d motion graphic €“ medium, the time will be around 10 minutes.
Online discussion questions:
Name of the student advisorName of the intermediate schoolLocation of the school (which area in Saudi Arabia)
1. How many students in whole school?
2. How many students in each class?
3. What are the main behavior problems that confront you by students?
4. In your think, what are the main reasons that led to these behaviors?
5. What are your notes about those students ( e.g. social status )?
6. What are the solutions that you have taken to resolve these problems?
7. What extent you assess the success of these solutions ( could be percentage or approximate)?
8. Do you think there are better ways to make solving but you have not had the opportunity to apply?

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