case study for Dr.Loizeaux only

read the case:The Team that Wasn’t
 and the Reading: Why Teams Don’t Work
answer all questions i attached here in the box based on these two. you can combine the knowledge form the reading” Why Teams Don’t Work”. but questions you will be answered are only related to case itself, so don’t write other things beside case itself, but you must combine the knowledge from the reading i attached.  important: you can only take references from case itself and reading i attached.
Case Note 3: The Team that Wasn’t
1. Is there evidence of a common commitment to a team purpose or a working approach? How is this affecting team process?
2. What are the team’s “ground rules”? What should Eric do about them?
3. Evaluate Eric’s consultant “team” experience from his former job. How does the current team situation different and what type of team leadership is needed? What is Eric’s team trying to accomplish? Are the team members supportive? How is this affecting the team?
4. What is the role of consensus in Eric’s team? Is this needed for the team to succeed? Explain.

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