Champions sports facility

No matter the level of sport (youth, interscholastic, intercollegiate, or professional), as a sport management
professional (SMP), you are going to encounter legal decisions on a daily basis. The best way to truly
understand how sport law affects an SMP is by creating real-world scenarios that highlight various aspects of
sport law. So, for Module One, our real-world scenario is as follows:
You have just been hired as general manager of Champions Sports Facility (CSF). CSF is an indoor
basketball/volleyball facility that houses six full basketball/volleyball courts, four administrative offices, a full
snack bar area, and a small kids’ play area. The facility is five years old and has had three cases brought
against it for various risk management issues in the last two years. The owners of this facility placed a high
priority on hiring someone with facility risk-management experience and want you to create a new riskmanagement plan within your first 90 days on the job.
You set out to conduct the following risk-management plan construction steps: risk identification, risk
assessment, risk evaluation, plan design, and plan implementation (Sharp, Moorman, & Claussen, 2010).
Once this process is complete, your plan must outline how risks will be dealt with. Risk management plans
detail whether a risk will be eliminated, retained, transferred, or controlled.
Sharp, L. A., Moorman, A. M., & Claussen, C. L. (2010). Sport law: A managerial approach (2nd ed.).
Scottsdale, AZ: Holcomb Hathaway, Publishers, Inc

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