Clarifying your values (Business ethics class)

Hi, basically you can read this instruction and discuss it! you should keep in your mind, this is a Business Ethics class! So, you can just have a look at what I uploaded here and check how’s the class going on.
***(Clarifying your values)***
If you wish to be better prepared to make tough ethical decisions at work or elsewhere in your life, it can be extremely helpful to clarify your personal ethical values before theyre seriously challenged. Following is a selected list of values (in alphabetical order). Feel free to add one or more if you have a deeply held value that is not represented on this list (it is not meant to be exhaustive).
In priority order (with 1 being the most important value), list from three to five values that are most important to you personally in making decisions. Thats the easy part. Next, think seriously about what happens when two or more of these values conflict. For example, what happens if you value both honesty and success and they come into conflict? Are you willing to forgo financial success in order to be completely honest with customers or suppliers? In other words, how would you prioritize your values? Next, if youre working, think about the values of your organization and how those are prioritized.
Are there serious conflicts between your personal values (and priorities) and the organizations values?
Finally, list those values that you would choose to serve as the basis for business dealings in an ideal society. Be prepared to discuss.

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