Colonial Administration

Write a response paper of 500-750 words by using the character narrative responses by other students related to the role play activity. Students are expected to focus on the narratives by the historians and the witnesses to answer several of the questions below; however, other character narratives can be used as well.Answer the following questions:

  • How did the kinds of sources historians and witnesses used influence the way they narrated the events? Notice the historians’ narratives focus on those things spoken by the colonial government. Witness’ narratives focused on the accounts of the townspeople.
  • Based on the administrative structure in the colony, how did the system create misunderstandings and miscommunication?
  • How did the different goals that people had, whether townspeople, colonial administrators, or the missionary, influence the decisions people made?
  • Why might it be flawed to use only one perspective of records from the colonial administration, such as only the historian’s record?

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