Complete 5 page ECON paper on Monetary and Fiscal Policy NO PLAGIARISM


Paper Requirements

You must write a paper on an economics based topic – a good guide is to refer to content we cover in the textbook. The body of the paper (not counting Title Page or References) must be at least 5 pages in length using 12 point font, 1 inch top and bottom margins and 1 inch side margins. Put the title of your paper, your name and the date on the Title Page. In order to receive full credit, you must clear your topic and all sources with me before submitting the paper. You must use at least 4 sources but you may not use a textbook or encyclopedia as a source. Sources can be a journal, a book, a newspaper article, or a magazine article. At least one source must be a book. You may use only two website sources and they must end in .edu or .gov.(Additional website sources or those ending in .com must be approved).However, you can search for journals, periodicals, etc. online by accessing Internet library resources. Open journal information is also provided in the course. Do not use Wikipedia. Use the APA style for writing a term paper. Papers must be doubled spaced and have the proper margins.

Remember: Clear your topic and sources beforehand!

Keep quotes brief and relevant to the topic of the paragraph where you insert the quote. Provide a

citation at the end of the sentence containing the quote. Do not quote entire sentences but rather

build your own sentence around the brief phrase you quote from. I will provide an area for you to

submit your paper and will provide detailed instructions on how to make your submission. If a paper is

turned in late, you will lose 5 points for every day it is late.

What should the Paper be about?

The paper should be about a topic in economics that we have covered in the text.

Where do I look for the sources?

1. Newspapers. For example, The Wall Street Journal is full of articles.

2. Magazines such as BusinessWeek, Fortune, The Economist, Time, etc.

3. Journals

4. A section of a book. Textbooks and encyclopedias are not allowed.

Remember, Internet library resources can be used.Directory of Open Access Journals information is provided in the course under Course Information. Another online library is

5. Internet articles from reliable websites (such as,, etc.) must be approved.

Am I graded for spelling and grammar?

Since this is an associate’s degree level course and there is the possibility that it might transfer to

another institution, you are required to display your ability to write. Your paper should be in your own

words and not word for word from the source, as that is plagiarism. You should proofread your paper

for grammar and spelling because you can lose points otherwise.


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