concept of employee relations

Discussion One:Discuss the relationship between the concepts of employee relations and performance management. Include in your response the following:The impact of employee issues on individual and organizational performance. Discuss at least one example.The difference between performance issues and conduct issues and how to ethically and effectively handle each situation, including terminations.How workplace privacy, health, and safety issues can impact employee performance and behavior. Discuss at least one example.Be sure to provide the references for the sources of the information you used including the material provided in the classroom.Discussion Two:  ApplicationRead the Module 5 Case and in-depth scenario 1. After reviewing the module material, answer the following taken from the module:A) Is allowing some employees to work from home “unfair” to other employees who do not work from home? Why or why not? How will you handle potential conflicts between employees over this issue?B) Assuming some employees will be allowed to work from home, how will HSS determine which employees will be allowed to work from home? How will you manage the performance of employees who work from home?C) Write a brief memo (1–2 paragraphs) to the board of directors, either justifying the expansion of telecommuting for software developers at HSS or stating why telecommuting should not be allowed for software developers at HSS. In your memo, include some discussion of why it is important to have a clear policy on this issue.


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