Create three work policies and elaborate them then relate those work policies to one of four industries.


In this Course Paper your team must draft three workplace policies about privacy for a client company. Your team has been hired by that company to help it create three new policies that govern privacy in the workplace. The client needs to comply with the applicable privacy laws and regulations that relate to its business, as well as privacy rules that relate to its employees. The three privacy policies will govern your client and its employees. The policies shall not be targeting the client company’s customers or website visitors, for example. Rather, they are meant to be used by your client’s employees. Imagine that you are working in your client’s place of business and need to understand how to comply with privacy laws and regulations, or to understand your own privacy rights and restrictions in the workplace.

Additional requirements:

  1. select one of these four industries to represent your client’s business: (1) financial institution; (2) education; (3) health care; or (4) government. After the team members’ names, tell the reader your client’s business name (of your creation) and the industry sector that best describes your client’s business. Also, add a few sentences about why it is important in that industry to have privacy policies that comply with laws and regulations.
  2. Draft three privacy policies. Number your policy statements and carefully and concisely draft each one in a way that is easy to understand by your client’s employees. Generally, the policy statement should be no longer than one or two sentences. Take care to avoid drafting security policies, such as encryption standards, or BYOD limitations; remember, there is a difference between the processes of information security, and privacy, the result of security policies.
  3. Next, justify your team’s inclusion of each of the three policy statements in your client’s workplace. Here, under each of the three policy statements, you must write a short paragraph or two to explain to your client why you chose to advise them to include the policy. This area will include your discussion about the laws and regulations you learned about in this course. If you attempt to justify the policy with something like, “We advise you to incorporate this policy because it’s the law, and because Prof. XXX made us draft three policies…”. I think you can see how much credit that will be worth

The paper should follow the following structure:

1. Introduction

a. Client company name

b. Client company industry

c. Client company’s industry-specific privacy requirements, risks, etc.

2. Policies

a. Policy 1

b. Justification 1—e.g., laws, regulations, guidelines, etc. You will see in the grading, below, that this is where the most points may be earned. 60% of the paper’s score comes from your team showing that you know, not only how to draft a concise, effective policy, but moreover that you know why said policy is important to your client.

c. Policy II

d. Justification II

e. Policy III

f. Justification III

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