deliverable 2 professional development plan


Examine community of practice involvement to support personal growth within the field of early childhood education.


As an educator for ABC Academy and Care, you are required to create an annual professional development plan. This plan must include:

  1. A summary of the importance of a community of practice and how this can support professional development.
  1. Three professional goals related to best practices in early childhood education. Each goal should be stated in specific, measurable, and timely terms.
    • Specific (outline what you will accomplish)
    • Measurable (describe how you will know you have accomplished the goal)
    • Timely (identify when you will accomplish the goal)
  1. Each of the three community of practice/resources will be completed with the following:
    • Name of community of practice/resource
    • Contact information
    • Background information on the purpose or mission of the community of practice/resource


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