Describe a business process and its information system using narrative and a flowchart.

Describe a business process and its information system using narrative and a flowchart.

PRJ1 – Details and Grading Rubric (75 Points)

PRJ1: Describe a business process and its information system using narrative and a flowchart.

A. The Narrative describes the process and system in words, including four main parts: 1) Organizational Overview: Briefly describe the fictitious organization and its business model. A couple

of good paragraphs may be enough. Be specific (and include several numbers) so the reader can

understand what sort of system is needed. The numbers are important because a company that makes

200 sales per year will have a very different system from one that makes 20,000 sales per year.

2) Process Overview (about half to one page): Provide an overview of a specific process of interest – you won’t be documenting the whole business just a specific process. What is supposed to be

accomplished? What resources are involved? Mention some important success factors. Also, mention

some potential risks – what can easily go wrong and what happens if it does?

3) Detailed Process Description (1-3 pages): Describe the events and activities in words. Who does them? What do they do? When do the activities begin? That is, what ‘triggers’ a person to begin an activity?

What are the results (outputs) of each step? It is important that the description here match up with the

flow chart described later.

4) List of Transactions and Objects: At the end of the narrative, include a list of process-related transactions and objects tracked in the information system.

 A ‘transaction’ is an event recorded in the system (often a sale, a purchase, a shipment, a payment etc…).

 An ‘object’ is a person, product, or a service (customer, employee, vendor, flight, etc…) associated with a business process. Usually one ‘object’ is involved in many transactions (e.g.,

we sell to a customer many times).

a. At a minimum, two types of transactions and two types of objects should be documented for your process – that’s a minimum of total four.

b. List some key details that are recorded for each object and transaction. c. Include a sentence or two describing the transaction or object recorded in each list.

B. The Flow Chart visually depicts the sequence in which events occur. Create an overview flow chart for the business process using the formalism (to be discussed) in class.

  • Please note that your flow chart is to focus on what PEOPLE do, not on how technical components interact. The in-class flowchart exercise will introduce the formalism used in our class.
  • Demonstrate decomposition. The entire process is shown on the overview diagram and some portions of the process (that require more details) are shown as sub-processes.

PRJ1 Grading Rubric

Try grading the submission yourself using the provided rubric before you turn it in and be sure you understand the criteria,

(e.g., ‘meaningful caption’) to earn good points.

Grading Criteria (Overview Narrative – out of 45 Points):

o Writing: organization, topic sentences, headings, grammar, precise, concise, spelling (8) (Good = 6, Excellent=7, Only Exceptional = 8)

o The company overview appropriately describes the business context within which the process operates (5) o The process overview appropriately describes the scope, function, and structure of the process (5) o The detailed process description makes sense with no important gaps (10) o The detailed process description nicely identifies at least two risk and success factors (4) o The transaction and object lists are accurately categorized (at least two of each are required) (4) o Definitions for transactions and objects are applied to your lists (4) o The meaning of each list is explained (e.g., Vendors are organizations that sell us things) (2) o Two or more attributes (e.g., address, amount, etc.) are identified for each list. (3)

Grading Criteria (Flow Chart – out of 30 Points):

o The diagram clearly depicts the process. The actors, sequence, level of detail are non-trivial, reflecting a good understanding of decomposition (10)

o Stored data is sensibly described in the data store column (10) o All (and only) class-standard symbols were used and were used properly (10)

Common Deductions:

o Event depiction is inconsistent between the narrative and the flowchart o Symbols are used incorrectly o Sequence flow from start to finish is interrupted o Actions are depicted in the data store column (in this formalism, the data store column has ONLY data – i.e.,

table names for lists of objects and transactions)

o Event names do not begin with verbs o Flowchart is not labeled by a meaningful caption

This is a lot of work and will involve at least a couple of group meetings and an iterative revision process. If you try

to do it all just before it’s due you have little chance of success.

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