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reply to these discussions with a few sentences:

1. There are different right-wing American groups that harbor anti-semitic attitudes, as well as general racism, sexism, or xenophobia. Many of these groups identify with some type of right-wing Christian belief, or other anglo-European religion. Like other groups we have studied so far (most notably the Zealots-Sicarii) in that “The militant extremists…believe they must fight to create conditions conducive for the eschaton.” The cause for anti-semitic attitudes can be traced back thousands of years, to early conflict between Jews and Christians. Furthermore, many of these right-wing groups believe they can trace their own heritage to Jesus, the Messiah, and thereby think that they are somehow special, unique, or have more authority to carry out their delusional plans for the world. However, these right-wing groups are not always religious — “Racist skinhead groups generally accept Nazi, White supremacist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic themes, but these younger neo-Nazis may not espouse the Christian religious messages included with most radical right-wing music and literature. Their viewpoints may be purely secular…”

Either way, these groups show hatred for other groups besides Jews. In some cases, all nationalities besides their own are worthy of terrorism, hatred, and other despicable forms of derision. Immigrants, homosexuals, and women are all among the typical groups that these right-wing groups target. The Christian Identity Movement also includes government as a whole, specifically the United Nations in The New World Order that must be fought and defeated. It might be easy for the outsider to dismiss these groups (and, by extension, these ideologies) as fanaticism, irrationalism, or even pure lunacy. However, the scariest part is that these groups are not necessarily new — groups such as the KKK have been in existence for hundreds of years. There is an attractive nature about these groups to some people, mostly because they provide a sense of belonging and purpose (to those who fit their criteria, of course). Though these groups do not represent the largest-scale terrorist attacks today, they still represent a definite threat to minorities and subcultures worldwide.


According to our readings, racial supremacy and religious extremist are considered right wing (Mahan and Griset, 191).  Some of these groups are the kkk, the skinheads, aryan nations and sovereign citizen movement.

The kkk is known to us as a racist group. They formed around 1865 and are present today.  This group is not as active today as when it was first created.  They are known for white supremacy, anti-immigration, and white nationalism.  The kkk is responsible for the murders of thousands of people during the slavery in the south. 

The skinheads have existed for more than thirty years now.  Although it originated in Britain, it spread quickly in the US.  This group is committing racist attacks on blacks and immigrants.  Their numbers to date have decreased, however this group is still active.

The aryan nations is another right-wing terrorist group with white supremacy ideology.  This group even came up with a point system to achieve aryan warrior status.  This consists of killing multiple members of congress, judges, politicians and even the president of the United States. 

The sovereign citizen movement consists of multiple individuals and groups who do not recognize the authority of the federal government.  This terrorist group relies on fraud, lawsuits and threats against government officials.  They are known for being violent against law enforcement officials.


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