disability myth


Length: 600-900 words

Purpose: To propose your ideas for the longer paper (DMP #1), including your primary text/source, and at least two critical sources.
Outline: Your paper should roughly follow this format:
On the first page, you should indicate the myth your paper will focus on, why you find it to be of interest, and the primary text you want to use as an example. Include some basic but brief information about your primary text. If your primary text is a movie, book, or TV show, pick a particular scene (or character) to focus on, not the entire work. Use your ideas from your summary to help you with this part.
Explain how you plan to develop your ideas. What are your critical goals for the project? After these introductory ideas, pose a few questions that you want to answer in the DMP. Your questions should be open-ended and designed help you explore and develop your topic in depth.
Finally, discuss at least two critical (peer-reviewed) sources that you will use. What arguments do they make? How will they be helpful to your project? Try to stick with scholarly sources (i.e., from academic, peer-reviewed journals) rather than blogs or news articles. Two scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources are required for this assignment.  The purpose of this is to see that you are using appropriate and helpful sources. You may change your critical sources or I may ask you to find new ones – but I strongly encourage you to run any new ones by me before putting them into the paper.
Explain the disability concepts you will use to interpret your primary text, and the issues they bring up for scholars. Include a preliminary/working thesis.Your thesis may change by the time you write your final paper; that is okay. I want to know that you have thought about your project, and how you will approach it.
Include a Works Cited page using the MLA guidelines.
Please see the Soul Surfer Proposal Example on Canvas in the Modules section under “Week 5,” if you are still confused about how to organize and write your proposal.

III. Paper format requirements: Your work must be double-spaced, typed in 12-point Times New Roman font, and set to 1-inch margins. You must submit the file as a .doc or .docx file in order to receive credit (no PDF or other formats will be accepted). Failure to adhere to these specifications will result in a grade reduction.


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