Discuss and describe three of your current health behaviors.

This paper is a two part paper. Part one is about evaluating your personal health behaviors and identifying factors that affect your health behaviors. Part two is about choosing one specific personal health behavior to change. You will work on changing your health behavior and report on the process of behavior change and progress made.Part One:Discuss and describe three of your current health behaviors. The health behaviors you describe may be positive or negative behaviors. Be specific in your description.Identify three (3) factors that currently affect your health behaviors. Think about factorssuch as your culture, how you were raised, and your environment. Discuss/explain how these factors have affected your personal health behaviors today.o When considering your culture think about: where you are from, where your parents are from, your friends, family and co-workers and how these influence your health behaviors either positively or negatively. Make sure to explain your answer.
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