Discussion 07: Two Tier Health Care System

HA4070D – Regulatory Environment in Health CareDiscussion 07: Two Tier Health Care SystemTask: Reply to this topicBe prepared to defend or attack each of the following scenarios from the Problem on page 325. Use material from the text to support your argument. You must also respond to at least two other students’ posts on at least one of their topics with sound reasoning based on the text material. You will also return and read students who replied to your initial post and respond to at least of those student replies to your initial posting. You will end up with at least  5 posts: your two initial post, plus two student replies to two other students initial postings, and  two  responses to each of two other students’ who replied to your initial postings. Your posts to other students should disagree with their stance. If the student defends the statement, you oppose it, and vice-versa. 5is the minimum number of posts you are required to do. You may do more.Be prepared to either defend or take the other side of each of the following propositions using analysis and facts from the readings in this chapter.1.A two-tier health care system – one that tolerates different standards of access and care according to wealth and social position – is morally unjustified because health care is a basic human right of fundamental importance.2.A system of socialized medicine like that in Canada is distinctly un-American and will lead to massive rationing of services.3.In order to have a coherent health care financing system, it is essential to sever the link between employment and insurance.4.The best feasible way to guarantee everyone access to a decent minimum level of health care is to fund a comprehensive network of public hospitals and outpatient clinics as a safety net for those without health insurance.Base your discussion on material from the text and your own experience. Cite sources when necessary. Remember to write 150 words in complete sentences.The Law of Health Care  Finance & Regulation–Vitalsource [email protected]#magicMAN61
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