discussions module 2 integrated capstone

discussions module 2 integrated capstone

My course is Integrated Capstone – Master of Health Administration.

For module 2, please discuss the following:

  1. What you determine to be the major theme of Module Two;
  2. What lessons you learned from this section; and
  3. How you would apply these lessons to your work.
  4. Please also react to one other student’s critique. Your assignment is limited to one page.

My classmate discuss is:

The major theme of module two consists of a “Part 2” or an update of what is needed in addition to the five domains of the ACHE model in module one. In the Stelf article the competency expectation of today’s healthcare leaders now include:

Visionary & Adaptive Leadership, Loyalty & Trust Building, Self-Knowledge, Strategic thinking & scanning, Masterful execution

The additional competencies above through research, were identified and added given the health care change towards a measurable outcomes and evidence based approach. With Medicare requirements fueling the heath care market through meaningful use requirements, measurable outcomes are for sure leading the health care industry.

Both power point presentations addressed ACHE competencies as well. However, also provided the understanding of a competency of what we know, how we act, and how do we apply what we know to health care leadership. All through values, cognition, interpersonal behavior, valuing diversity.

Lastly, though research, Dye & Garman focused on common and core competencies amongst HLA organizations to organize the competency directory helpful to all health care leaders.

In this module, I have learned that health care leaderships is complex, and will never consist of only 5 competencies, as the industry evolves overtime. I will use this information to be adaptable to such change. This will never be a one-approach industry, yet a combination of key sills and traits to meet operational, financial and core value-based metrics.

(( Please don’t copy from my classmate just I want you to see how he did and react to his critique ))



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