Essay 1: on the conceptual equipment

Essay 1. On the conceptual equipment. (Chapter 1 of the book)
You should address the following questions in this essay.
(a) In physics we talk of the atom, in chemistry we talk of the bond,  in biology it is the cell, genetics the DNA, in geology it is the  tectonic plate. What do we talk about in sociology (the systematic study  of society)?
(b) What other ideas are necessary to explain the logical mechanism of society? 
(c) Status functions what are they? 
(d) Collective intentionality, what is it?
(e) Deontic powers, what are they?
(f) Reason indipendente of desires for action, what sort of reason is it?
(g) Constitutive rules, how are they different from regulative rules?
(h) Institutional facts, what are they?

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