Explain the role that HRD professionals

Group Dynamics & Facilitation Fall 2018

Group Dynamics and Leadership Research Paper

Grade: 20 points Due Date: November 11

Learning Objectives

· To gain in-depth knowledge about a theory, issue or trend in the field of team dynamics

Assignment Requirements

Select a topic related to the field of team dynamics for research and analysis. There are some ideas for papers listed at the end of the page, but you are by no means limited to these ideas. I welcome your own ideas for research paper topics. Please email me with the topic you would like to address no later than October 28.

Write a 12-14 page research and analysis paper on your selected theory, issue, or trend in the field of team dynamics.

Please cover the following in your research paper:

· Why is this topic significant to the field of team dynamics? What larger workplace/economic/social/demographic trends underscore its importance?

· Describe some recent (within the past five years) research that has been done on this topic. What were the authors’ findings?

· How have organizations responded to these developments related to your topic? Based on your research, how do you see your topic further evolving in the future?

· Identify at least two examples of organizations that have addressed this topic. Describe the work or response of each of these organizations.

· Explain the role that HRD professionals will play in helping organizations…

· address the challenges that still remain for your the topic and

· leverage the benefits that this trend or approach will bring to the workplace

A few guidelines for writing your paper…

· Use section headers for your paper (for example, “Significance and Trends,” “Current Research,” “Future Challenges,” etc.). Labeling each area of the paper will help to ensure that you have covered all of the requirements for this assignment.

· I encourage you to describe your own point of view about your selected topic, especially in the section that covers the role that HRD professionals will play in addressing this topic in the organization. What is your interpretation of the issue you selected? What additional research do you believe needs to be conducted?

· Remember to include a strong introduction and conclusion in your paper. Your conclusion should do more than re-state what you have covered in the paper, but instead should leave the reader with an important question to consider about your topic, a challenge to address or significant insight to take away.

· You may use the course text as a resource, but you must cite at least four additional sources other than the textbook for this assignment.

The text is required to be 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced. In addition, the paper will include a title page and references (both pages included in the page count). All references need to follow the APA citation format. Activity: List of Key Principles of Adult Learning

Potential Topics

These ideas are provided to help you get started. Please feel free to suggest your own topic for this paper.

· The role of teams in organizational learning

· Self-directed work teams

· Emotional intelligence and its relationship to team effectiveness

· Ethical challenges within teams

· Developments in virtual teams

· Globalization and teams

· Team leadership theories

· Action learning in teams

· Lessons from sports teams for the workplace

· Diversity and teams

· Conflict management within teams

· Approaches to decision-making within teams

· Groupthink in organizations

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