Final Presentation

Final Project/Presentation

You may collaborate in groups of at most 3 students in the preparation of a final project. It is a paper of a maximum of 10 pages or an in-class presentation of 5-10 minutes per student. You can consider any international trade topic of your interest. You can send me a proposal if you want. Here you have a list of topics that you may want to consider. You should take this as an opportunity to be creative. It is your project and I would like to help you deepen your knowledge on a particular topic of your interest:

The effect of the diffusion of Artificial Intelligence/Automatization in the US labor market.
Recent evolution of TFP growth in the US. Its main determinants and possible future evolution.
Inequality and its determinants.
Countercyclical policies in the Great Recession or the current Covid-19 shock.
Expected evolution of the economy after the covid shock.
Debt sustainability.
Quantitative easing monetary policies.
Quantitative easing monetary policies for developing economies.
The future of money and monetary policies.
Velocity of money after the Financial Crisis and the covid shock.
Your own topic (let me know your plans in advance).

Length: 5pp.

Due Date Paper: Friday December 4th,

Due date Presentation: November 23rd.

Teams: Maximum of 3 students.


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