Five variables of service quality

Identify the five variables of service quality and discuss how a small business can use each variable to create a competitive advantage over competitors.
The five variables are: 

Tabgibles, or physical evidence. A tidy office and clean uniforms are examples. 
Reliability, or consistency of performance and dependability. “The right technology. Right away,” Assert software solutions provider CDW
Responsiveness, or the readiness to serve. ” Citi never sleep,” say the ads for the banking giant.
Assurance, or the confidence communicated by the service provider. ” Let your worries go,” reassures Northwestern Mutual, an investment and insurance firm.
Empathy, which shows the service provider understands customers’ needs and is rasdy to fulfill them. “Clear your mind/ Relax your soul,” says Hotel Nikko San Francisco. 

APA formatting for any citations. 

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