Gone with the Wind Movie

Write a clear, coherent, well-organized, well-supported paper
stating and proving a specific, focused thesis about some aspect of one or two of
the visual texts (films, movies, painting, photographs) that have been discussed
in class so far, or about some other US visual text of your choice. If you choose a
text or texts that have been discussed in class, be advised that your paper must
not simply repeat or summarize class discussion. If you choose a text not
discussed in class, you must have your choice approved by one of the instructors
before you submit your paper. Also, whatever text(s) you choose, be sure that
your paper deals in some way with the visual aspects of your subject. These
instructions apply to both papers (short, midterm and long, final).
1) Analyze a particular scene in terms of how it visually (and otherwise, if you
wish), reflects or contributes to or comments on a particular US cultural myth,
theme, or ideological formation.
2) Compare and contrast two images in terms of how they relate to such a myth,
theme, or ideological formation.
3) Analyze how the visual portrayal of a character or landscape contributes to the
overall meaning(s) of the text in which it appears.

The Name of the movie is Gone with the Wind


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