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 Research paper on local issues in New Orleans, La  
Some topics that have been done well in the past include:
• Coastal erosion and restoration
• Veterans Issues
• Homelessness
• Bicycling
• Causes of crime in New Orleans/Gun violence
• Noise ordinances
• Charter Schools
• Food desert/the food supply: something wrong with our food?
• Community organizations
• Gentrification
• The prison system
• Tourism (endless angles to take here).
• Offshore oil drilling
• Poverty
• Employment
• Housing bubble/Airbnb
• Architecture
• City Planning
• Music
• Culture
• Food
In no way are you limited to a particular topic, as long as you can make a clear argument on its behalf- that’s the key. It’s not enough to just provide information. We need to be making a claim, attempting to convince the reader that our argument/analysis is legitimate. So, take pride in choosing your topic, and remember why we write—to give form and language to our feelings and convictions, and to, through writing, come to a more intimate and thorough understanding of ourselves and of the world. 

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