Human Impact on the Carbon Cycle

    • What the greenhouse effect is
    • How water, heat, and temperature are related
    • What CO2 is and how its amount in the atmosphere is changing
    • How CO2 levels correlate with global warming
  • Consider how your personal actions may increase or decrease CO2 levels by calculating your carbon footprint. Links to several carbon footprint calculators are listed in the Required Resources section. Use one of these calculators to estimate your carbon footprint.
  • Learn about the atmospheric history of CO2 by reading the article “Past Climate Change” listed in the Required Resources section.
  • Conduct additional research to learn more about the relationship between human carbon footprints and CO2 levels in the atmosphere.
  • Explain how your carbon footprint relates to the carbon cycle, the atmospheric history of CO2, and a national or global average
  • State whether you think decreasing your carbon footprint can impact the carbon cycle
    • If you agree, suggest two ways you can decrease your carbon footprint and explain how these suggestions will help
    • If you disagree, provide at least two reasons for your position
  • Include references to at least two sources outside the Required Resources
  • Cite all references in APA format……

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