In many circumstances, stress can be a helpful response.

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In many circumstances, stress can be a helpful response. Stress provides us with our fight or flight response that alerts us and helps us get out of danger. Stress can also motivate us to accomplish our tasks as it pushes us to avoid punishment. Without stress, we would be unmotivated to accomplish our goals or tasks because we have nothing to get rid of. For example, when we have tests and stress about getting a good grade, we study to relieve the stress of getting a bad grade. On the other hand, stress can be very harmful if not managed properly. When we get overly stressed, it affects our mind and body to the point where our bodies could stop functioning normally, or to the point where we would have to rely on harmful coping mechanisms. If you were to lose a loved one, the stress can be unbearable if not managed properly. The stress could lead to depression which could lead to negative effects on the brain and body.

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