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Florence Nightingale is called the Mother of Modern Nursing mainly because she wrote her ideas about nursing into her still famous book called: Notes on Nursing–What it is and Is not.  Nightingale was known for doing at least two things discussed in the Wise Leadership lab. She Lead with Questions and she Studied success as carefully as missteps. This is what led her to write about 13 laws of nursing.

Consider how things went in the early days of COVID-19 in New York City. What kind of wise leadership lessons could you use now to process that period of time? Could you study success as carefully as missteps? Could you lead with Questions? How can you Compose the events, perhaps to use perceptual positioning to reflect on that time period? Take one of those four keys to leveraging lessons from your leadership found on page 3 of Leadership Lab 1 and write a 2-page paper (500 words) that considers one key in depth.

Do not use a title page, but include a heading at the top of the first page that has your full name and Leadership Lab 1 on the top line and date and course number on the second line. Please do not put the heading in the header, but just include it on the first page. 


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