Maid by Stephanie Land

Pick ONE topic using the book, Maid by Stephanie Land as a guide.
Choose two other sources, but similar topic and write an annotation for
each (three sources, one topic).
Sources can be books, articles, trade journals, scholarly reviews, academic
institutions, or government agencies.

First paragraph: analyze/summarize the content.
1. Name of the book or title of article
2. Whats it about?
3. What is the writers perspective?
4. What kind of statistics used, if any.

Second paragraph: Criticize.
1. Give strength and weakness of this article/book?
2. What are some of the key words used?
3. Who is the article written for?
4. What is to be gained from reading this book/article?
APA format: cover page, annotations (3), and a reference page = equal five pages.


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