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Marketing Plan: Mission Statements
Share your research findings on a Marketing Plan Project. Include the company’s mission statement and its congruence with your perspective on what constitutes a good mission statement. What changes would you recommend if you feel that the company’s mission statement lacks direction?Marketing Plan ProjectThere is need for a healthy nation if a society wants to be more productive. This means that, the society should invest more in health facilities for the benefit of the people (Focus on health reforms, 2012, p.4). For example, ten healthy people can produce more than 100 sick ones. The reason behind this ideology is that, a healthy person is in a position of working extra hours. Healthy people also make reasonable decisions and works harder with the aim of achieving higher goals.A health project is vital in a society. In aIDition, there are many health services that are usually in place but do not practice legal rights as they are expected to. The need for affordable clinics in a society will increase the number of healthy population (McDonough, 2012, p. 60). The most essential factors to consider while considering starting a medical facility are affordability and accessibility. For example, there may be many medical centers in an area but they may be unsuccessful in attaining their expected goals. This may be because of poor management, poor handling of patients. The clinic may be expensive and people may decide to take matters in their own hands like home delivery.Having a locally available and affordable clinic can help women and children who are usually prone to diseases like malaria. Its affordability will see many women go for pre and ante natal care that is very important for the women and the children (Frank, 2013). Its affordability will reduce the risk of home births that are dangerous. Under other occasions, the need for accessibility of medical facilities is important. Some hospitals may be too far for emergency purposes and, in the end many deaths can occur when a patient’s health is critical (Jost, 2013).
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