Mindfulness and Counselor Self-efficacy

One challenge counselors often discuss is the desire to fix, give advice, or even being comfortable with silence. Particularly, as counselors-in-training or new counselors to the field, it is normal to have some anxiety and concern related to doing and saying the right thing. It is important for counselors to be present in the moment. When we are caught in thinking about what we should say or do next we disengage from the present moment. Being attentive in the present moment, we will become more responsive to client needs. Mindfulness practice for counselors has demonstrated effectiveness for enhancing self-efficacy (confidence) related to application of counseling skills (Greason & Cashwell, 2009). How may mindfulness practice or other practices such as prayer assist you with being present? What regular practice are you committed to as a counselor/school counselor to enhance being present and increase self-efficacy?

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