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For this case study, you will review the background of the case and the existing Infrastructure and Issue and then develop a cost effective solution that meets the defined requirements (listed below).

Student Case Study Expectations and Requirements

  • Define what type of disk should be used and the total capacity required for the next 3 years with an expected data grow of 30% each year.
  • Suggest a suitable RAID protection scheme for high quality availability and high performance need.
  • Recommend a solution to run billing and reporting application without impacting production volume.


ABC Bank has branches with a large customer base. Services provided by the bank are telephone banking, Internet banking along with large number of ATM outlets. The ATMs accesses a centrally located database to serve customers 24 X 7.

  • Existing Infrastructure and Issue
  • The existing database

Response Format

  • Discussion should be outlined in bullet format where it answers each of the Student Case Study Expectations and Requirements.
  • Your discussion should demonstrate critical thinking and provide justification.


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