Nurses role in addressing the opioid epidemic |

Nurse Issue Paper Part 2


  • MUST have at least 2, current (no older than 5 years) peer-reviewed articles or government websites (such as websites ending in .gov or .org).
  • DISCUSSION OF INTERVENTION: In this section, the student should provide a complete description of at least one evidence-based intervention that addresses the chosen nursing issue that improves the nursing issue. In addition, the student should provide a thorough discussion of barriers and facilitators to implementing the chosen intervention(s). This section should include references in APA format.
  • NURSING IMPLICATION(S)/CONCLUSION: The student should provide a conclusion that summarizes his/her paper with emphasis on the implications this issue has on nursing practice and/or nurses.
  • REFERENCE PAGE: see APA 7th edition reference page sample.

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1. intervention

Author clearly identifies one intervention that has been utilized to address their specific topic related to opioid epidemic. Has 2 appropriate peer-reviewed research articles in this section of the paper.

2. implementation of intervention

Explanations demonstrate critical thinking and ideas are well thought out and expressed.

  1. 3. sources of information
  2. Author has added 2 additional peer-reviewed research articles to part 2 that are current and meet criteria for paper
  3. 4. implication and conclusion
  4. Logical paragraph that provides implications for how the information presented in the paper impacts nursing and draws appropriate conclusions based on information presented
  5. 5. APA format
  6. Perfect APA with title page, reference page, in-text citations throughout paper. No plagiarism present.

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