Nutrition Assessment

Select a client/patient that you have been caring for in your practice, especially one that may not be

getting their nutritional needs met. Based on your assessment of the client, share your findings with your

colleagues addressing the four items listed below on this discussion board. Make sure you answer all the

questions, as each item has a separate point value.

Discuss the health status of your client/patient and include in your discussion their diagnosis, major

stressors, medical problems, and pertinent assessment and diagnostic data.
Calculate the basal energy expenditure (BEE) on your client/patient. Show your work.
Compare basic energy requirement (number of calories) with nutritional intake. Discuss the type of diet,

IV fluids, TPN, or enteral feedings the patient is getting and try to calculate the best you can the number of

calories the patient is receiving. Show all work.
Evaluate the nutritional needs of the patient in terms of calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and

nutrients in comparison to their physical/mental condition. (You may need to do a 24-hour food diary for

Which components of macro- and micro-nutrients are missing in the diet? What would you suggest to

enhance the client’s/patient’s nutrition and healing?

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