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peer review analysis
Paper instructions:Developing the proficiency to locate, read, and critically analyze research literature for bias, opinion, quality of evidence, and appropriateness to its target audience is essential to your success in this master’s program and as a nurse engaged in advanced practice. Throughout your degree program, you will use evidence as you develop research papers and program interventions, and evaluate health care problems. When searching for evidence or exploring the research literature, it is important to look for current articles€”articles that have been written within the past five years. That is not to imply that seminal work should not be considered as well. When using research literature that is older than five years, it should feature ground-breaking evidence that justifies its inclusion.With this Assignment, you become familiar with the Library by searching the databases, reviewing resources, and downloading a full-text article.€¢ Review the following in the Learning Resources:€¢ Introduction to Scholarly Writing: Purpose, Audience, and Evidence€¢ Introduction to Scholarly Writing: Finding a Scholarly Voice€¢ School of Nursing Sample Paper€¢ Media program: Introduction to Scholarly Writing: Purpose, Audience, and Evidence€¢ Participate in or review an archived version of the following Library Webinars:€¢ Introduction to the Walden Library€¢ Evaluating Online Resources€¢ An Introduction to Evidence-Based Searching€¢ Then, search the Library databases, and locate a peer-reviewed research article that pertains to:€¢ Online Learning as it relates to one of the following: Student success, students’ experiences, students’ perceptions, and/or faculty perceptions. Mayne, L. A., & Wu, Q. (2011). Creating and Measuring Social Presence in Online Graduate Nursing Courses. Nursing Education Perspectives, 32(2), 110-114. doi:10.5480/1536-5026-32.2.110€¢ Read the article evaluating its strengths and weaknesses in terms of scholarly writing, bias, opinion, quality of evidence, and appropriateness to its target audience.€¢ Then, write the body of your paper (2- to 3-pages) that includes the following:€¢ IntroductionA 1-paragraph introduction to your paper€¢ Article SummaryA 1-paragraph summary of the article you have selected€¢ AnalysisAn analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the article, including an assessment of the writing in terms of bias, opinion, quality of evidence, and appropriateness to its target audience (Be sure your analysis is written in a scholarly manner and appropriate voice.)€¢ Utilize at least 3 resources (i.e. course media, course textbook, course learning resources, credible websites) to support your analysis€¢ SummaryA 1-paragraph summary of your paper€¢ In aIDition, create the following to be included with your paper:€¢ Title page€¢ ReferencesInclude your references using correct APA formatting
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