Plagiarism Free

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is described as the act of taking another person’s intellectual property and posing it as your own. It is usually not intentional for students. The following can be flagged as plagiarism examples.

  • The use of a quote and not crediting its source.
  • Use of an excerpt and not citing its source
  • Use books and online tools as your research materials and yet not add them to your bibliography.
  • Using someone’s statistical data and not crediting them the original work.
  •  Copying directly from a book or an online article

Thus it is easy to plagiarize unintentionally and the consequences for a student could be quite serious. For instance:

  • many graduates and undergraduates can automatically fail the assignment
  • Those studying for a master’s degree or a doctoral degree can be discontinued from the course.
  • High school students can lose valuable marks and end up redoing the assignment thus a waste of time.

How Unemployed Tutors resolve this

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