political ideologies 1

  1. The Prompt:
    1. Produce THREE ORIGINAL images: one representing each of the major traditions we’ve discussed so far (liberalism, conservatism, and Marxism). TEXTBOOK LINK AN LECTURE WILL BE PROVIDED. AN PREVIOUS PAPERS ON EACH TRADITION .
      • a.i. The images may also be substantive drawings (if you consider yourself a good artist, if not, choose the next option) or you can take original photographs. ALL OF THE IMAGES MUST BE ORIGINAL. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in a failing grade on the assignment.
      • a.ii. These images must be original! They CANNOT be taken from the Internet or any other source.
    2. Summarize each of the three major traditions through your interpretation, analysis, and/or critique of the images.
    3. For all three ideologies, using primarily the assigned readings (which may be supplemented by reference to the lectures with proper citation), you must discuss their respective views on property, (in)equality, and the role of government.
  2. Requirements
    1. Respond to ALL aspects of the prompt
    2. It is not just about what you write, but also about how you write it.
      • b.i. Grammar and spelling count, as do all other conventional university-level writing standards
    3. Limit yourself to no more than 3,000 words and no less than 2,250 is ideal). Failure to comply with this to the word count range will result in a grade no higher than a C-
    4. Do not use any external sources (without prior written approval from ME. ONLY USES SOURCES FROM THE TEXTBOOK I WILL PROVIDE The only requirement is that you thoughtfully and accurately engage with the material assigned for this course. Failure to comply with this will result in Failure (an ‘F’)
    5. Do not plagiarize or in any other way violate academic honesty standards, failure to comply with this will result in failure on this assignment or worse.
      • e.i. Include citations for all quoted and paraphrased material (a bibliography/works cited is not necessary unless you are using different version of the texts than the ones listed in the syllabus)
        • Citation style (eg. MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) is entirely up to you, but pick one and stick with it throughout.
  1. The purpose of this assignment is for you to critically engage with the assigned readings, lectures, and discussions through an engagement with the world around you (via the images you select). This is where you have the opportunity to explore the relevance and importance of the ideas we have dealt with in the first half of the course. It is not always or often a simple procedure, even for those who do political theory as a profession. Do not take this process lightly, but do allow yourself to have fun with it.
  2. Effort is required; creativity is encouraged.


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