Politics Research Proposal

The assignment is a research proposal.
This is a research methods in politics class.
I must formulate my own research question. IT MUST BE A POLITICAL QUESTION. It should be creative and original, not repetitive and commonly spoken about it. Please look at the sample research proposals to get an idea of what the research topic should be about. PLEASE DO NOT repeat any of the topics used in the samples, it must be creative. 
I must design an academic research project that could address this question

It is a 2,500 word essay. The word count includes in text references and footnotes but not the bibliography.
50% of overall grade

I have attached a detailed description of the assignment. Please adhere to it carefully.

I have attached lecture slides and notes. PLEASE DO NOT RELY ON THE LECTURE SLIDES AND NOTES as they are NOT MY WORDS, they are not paraphrased, and they are just an overview of research design and methods. The lecture slides will help in the formulation of the research question, the theoretical framework and hypothesis, as well as every step in the research design.

I have attached readings that correspond to each lecture. The readings will help you justify the decisions made in the research design. When you characterise the research method(s) that your project would use, you should set out what this method is about, using the (module) literature on the topic. When you choose a topic and form the research question, you should then look at literature about the chosen topic (not attached) and make references to the work of other people who have addressed similar questions (and whose work you may build on).

I have attached four sample research proposals from previous students. This is the standard that my essay must meet. The assignment is worth 50% of my grade so please make sure it meets the standard of the sample essays. (PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY IDEAS FROM THE SAMPLE ESSAYS, I have just attached them so you can get an idea of what my essay should look like).

I have attached a list of recommended readings about mixed methods research


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