Public Policy And Sustainability Essay

1) Understand the use of public policy for the control or implementation of efforts by the governmental agencies.
2) Prepare an opinion document based on the public policy issue or sustainability issue chosen.
3) Evaluate how public policy affects the implementation of good environmental protection activities.
The purpose of this paper is to exposure students to the use of public policy in the implementation of environmental practices and efforts to protect and/or enhance the environmental quality available to a community, population, etc..
Using the internet research one of the following topics in which the use of public policy has been implemented to increase the compliance with environmental regulations or environmental quality goals identified by the regulatory agencies.
1. The implementation of the incandescent light bulb ban.
2. The forced use of Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, despite other environmental hazards they present.
3. The use of electric (vehicles) or other alternative fuels.
4. Required recycling to reduce solid waste disposal.
5. The “garbage can limit” to discourage solid waste disposal.
6. The use of water rationing to conserve water.
7. The perception of climate change as a “Global Warming” disaster brought about by humans.
8. Any other environmental issue or policy of your choice
Deliverable: (Individual) 
1. Submit a 700 word (minimum) essay explaining the use of public policy to implement or enforce an environmental preference or goal that is focused on overall community benefit. 
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