quiz survey mathemtics


Follow the instructions below to access the unit MML Quiz

1. Click on Content

2. Below Unit 10, Click on MyMathLab

3. Click on MyMathLab Quizzes and Tests

4. Click on the corresponding Unit # Quiz

This unit contains a Quiz to assess what you have learned in the first two units related to set theory. The Quiz is located in MML and is worth a total of 50 points. Please note that the tools available to you in the homework to assist you with problems such as Help Me Solve this, View an Example, and Similar Exercise are not available during this Quiz.

You will have three chances to take this Quiz, with the highest score counting. Each Quiz attempt will consist of similar questions. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you start this activity with enough time during the unit to take advantage of all three Quiz attempts. Students who make use of all three Quiz attempts tend to score very well on the Quiz.


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