Religion and Ecology

In total, the word count should be 1500-2,000 words, either all creatively made on a powerpoint presentation. OR a brief presentation, with a research paper to accompany it and explain in depth.
You may choose to do creative projects (art, music, video, screenplay…) instead of papers, but they should involve a similar amount of work and be accompanied by a shorter paper explaining the research and thinking that went into creating them.

Topic: Science and Religion (with respect to ecology)

Readings to help: Ayala, Science and Religion: Conflict or Concert, Wiley Blackwell Companion to Religion and Ecology  (WBCRE), 146-162.

Haught, Science, Ecology, and Christian Theology, WBCRE, 117-129.
Bauman, Bohannon, & OBrien, Chapter 4: Ecology: What is it ? Grounding Religion (GR), 49-63.

Deane-Drummond & Lisa Sideris, “Chapter 5: Ecology: A Dialogue, GR, 64-72.


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