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reserch about The Influence of Information Technology Education on Students’ Entrepreneurial Orientation.
Increased understanding of the influence of IT education on entrepreneurship is crucial in the modern venture creation capacity building. However, the literature on the influence of IT education on students’ entrepreneurial orientation is quite scanty and very little is known of the relationships and interactions of the key attributes of entrepreneurship and IT education. The purpose of this study is to bridge this gap by empirically investigating the implicit relationships between IT and entrepreneurship.
 focuses on the research process. Firstly, the research problem, which is the heart of the research process, is discussed. The discussion enables us to shift from identifying a topic or question of interest to clearly communicating a research problem that can serve as the foundation of a formal investigation.  Other important topics explored in this module include the review of related literature – we will learn a variety of ways to access information for the literature review; as well as the planning of the research project. Finally, we will learn how to write and present a research proposal
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