Respond to 2 classmates posts for LIfe Science The offspring of the organism, science homework help


The offspring of the organism is an exact copy of the parent in asexual reproduction and by them being the exact copy, there is no genetic diversity. If all organisms are nearly the same, then they are all suited to one type of environment. Animal behavior is the response that their muscles give to particular changes in stimulus. They need food to survive. survival without passing genes to the coming generation is apparently useless. Therefore, they create mating behavior, find a partner, and reproduce efficiently.


The main reason basically that an asexual reproducing organism have such a hard time adapting to the environment other than sexual reproducing organisms is because for one the sexual reproducing organisms inherit traits from their parents, whereas asexual organisms are just a complete clone of their parents. It’s very important for an organism to reproduce without that the species can become extinct. Eating I’d an example of how an animals behavior aid to survival and reproduction. For the survival part , we know that the animals must eat in order to have energy and not starve and also tied food helps give the animals energy to be able to produce the sperm

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