Running Head: CASE STUDY “Communication Failures”

Read the Case Study titled “Communication Failures” in the Kerzner text. 
Write 300 to 800 words that answers the following questions:

Was Herb the right or the wrong project manager for this project? Explain your answer. As a Senior Project Manager mentoring Herb, what would you have done differently after he was assigned to the project? Should we use project managers in our team as role models? Why or why not?
Poor communication within project teams and stakeholders has been noted as one of the top 4 reasons for project failures. What are some of the communications skills that project managers should possess? How should project managers go about acquiring them if they are lacking these important skills?
There were communication issues with Alice, Bob, Betty, and Frank. For each communication issue, where was the breakdown in communication: encoding, decoding, feedback, or noise?
You have been selected to take over Herb’s job. What are some action steps that you would initiate to create effective communication with your project team members? What kinds of resistance do you expect to get from this project team while instituting your new communications enhancing protocols?
In your workplace, who is the best communicator and listener? Give an example that illustrates why you have designated this person. What are some of the ways you can overcome communication barriers within your global project teams?

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