Safety and improvement |

Safety and improvement |

Attached is the guidelines, criteria, and rubrics for the paper but the highlighter portion is the main section required for this paper and also a draft of the outline.

Safety paper/Performance Improvement

This is a group work. I am only writing on this section for my part. Please, be concise and simple in writing and include reference from peer reviewed nursing journals. Nursing Peer review should be between 3 and 5 years old. Pages should be one and half to 2pages and APA format.

Using the Joint Commission (TJC) Safety Goal: NPSG.07.01.01

Topic: Reduce the risk of health care-associated infection using hand hygiene guidelines

Describe the leader’s role for this PI process. Identify potential supporters & opposers

This is just a rough draft of the outline

Leadership’s Role/Key players

a. initiate/continue implementation

b. Key players

1. Leaders

  • Unit managers/Charge nurses

a. How to determine supporters vs. opposers

1. Supporters

2. Opposers

b. What are the strategies to build a coalition of supporters?

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