Sample display description

Sample display description

Final Project component #4: Sample display description

Sample display description. Present a detailed description for one of your exhibit displays.

In 500 words or less, provide a close depiction of what this display is and how it engages the exhibit theme. This description should address both the what and the how of the display; that is, the content and the media of presentation. Be sure to integrate at least one course material into this description.

About additional materials:
The first four files are the syllabus of the whole project, and the first, the second and the third components of the project. There are comments from the professor for the component #3 in the related file. Please read it.

The fifth file and the followings are the course materials that may be used. It is not necessary to go through all of them. Most of them are shown in the previous assignments, so there are no new readings actually. In addition, you could use the book “Sherzer, Joel. 2002. Speech Play and Verbal Art. Austin: University of Texas Press.” as one of the available course material.

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