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Scholarly Research Critique (Individual) = 30 points
Grading Criteria
1. Select one nursing research article (quantitative or qualitative) from the list provided by or approved by your faculty.
2. Provide an introduction to the problem.
3. Critique the article using the appropriate guidelines as provided below. You must support (provide rationale) your responses to the questions in each section (you may use your textbook to support your answers).
4. Provide a conclusion summarizing the importance this research article has to clinical practice.
5. APA formatting is required, including appropriate use of APA levels.
6. Research critique should be 5-7 pages (excluding title page and reference page).
7. This assignment must be submitted to
8. Utilize the APA levels of headings on page 62 of the APA Manual.
9. Refer to rubric for specific grading.
Guidelines for Scholarly Research Critique (Individual) = 30 points Qualitative Article
Was the title a good one, suggesting the key phenomenon and the group or community under study?
Does the abstract clearly and concisely summarize the main features of the report?
Is the phenomenon of interest clearly identified?
Is the problem stated unambiguously?
Literature Review
Does the report summarize the existing body of knowledge related to the problem or phenomenon of interest?
Is the literature review adequate?
Does the literature review lay a solid basis for the new study
Research Questions
Are research questions explicitly stated? If not, is their absence justified?
Research design and research tradition
Is the identified research tradition (if any) congruent with the methods used to collect and analyze data?
Sample and setting
Was the group or population of interest adequately described? Were the setting and sample described in sufficient detail?
Was the best possible method of sampling used to enhance information richness and address the needs of the study?
Was the sample size adequate? Was saturation achieved?
Data collection and measure
Were the methods of gathering data appropriate? Were data gathered through two or more methods to achieve triangulation?
Was a sufficient amount of data gathered? Was the data of sufficient depth and richness?
Were data collection and recording procedures adequately described and do they appear appropriate?
Were data collected in a manner that minimized bias or behavioral distortions? Were data collection staff appropriately trained?
Were appropriate procedures used to safeguard the rights of study participants?
Enhancement of rigor
Did the researcher document research procedures and decision processes sufficiently that findings are auditable and confirmable?
Data Analysis
Were the data management (e.g., coding) and data analysis methods sufficiently described?
Was the data analysis strategy compatible with the research tradition and with the nature and type of data gathered?
Did the analysis yield an appropriate product (e.g., theory, taxonomy, thematic pattern, etc.)?
Did the analytic procedure suggest the possibility of biases?
Were the findings effectively summarized, with good use of experts?
Do the themes adequately capture the meaning of the data? Does it appear that the researcher satisfactorily conceptualized the themes or patterns in the data?
Did the analysis yield an insightful, provocative, and meaningful picture of the phenomenon under investigation?
Theoretical Integration
Are the themes or patterns logically connected to each other to form a convincing and integrated whole?
Were figures, maps, or models used effectively to summarize conceptualizations?
Are the findings interpreted within an appropriate social or cultural context?
Are major findings interpreted and discussed within the context of prior studies?
Are the implications consistent with the study’s limitations?
Does the report address the issue of transferability of the findings?
Do the researchers discuss the implications of the study for clinical practice or future inquiry-and are those implications reasonable?
Global Issue
Was the report well-written, well-organized, and sufficiently detailed for critical analysis?
Was the description of the methods, findings, and interpretations sufficiently rich and vivid?
Summary Assessment
Do the study findings appear to be trustworthy-do you have confidence in the truth value of the results?
Does the study contribute any meaningful evidence that can be used in nursing practice or that is useful to the nursing discipline?
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