science 139

Time to watch a TED talk video! Watch this video on sustainable human development by Professor Johan Rockstrom.

PART 1: Pick Topic #1 -OR- Topic 2 below

TOPIC #1: What do you think about the “Quadruple Squeeze” he describes? Which part or parts about this “squeeze” spoke to you the most?

TOPIC #2: What do you think about “Bending the Curves” he describes? What part(s) about Planetary Boundaries or even resilience or sustainable development (“safe operating space”) spoke to you the most?

PART 2: (Required for everyone)

Examine at least THREE S.P.E.E.C.H. perspectives (or something that SPEECH does not consider, like Education or Health, for example) related to this presentation. (Use 3 SUBHEADINGS for your cause-effect analyses). AND: What can you (personally) do to mitigate or help that issue or situation you selected above?

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