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Span of control is an important concept in management. Where it is important in management, it is critical in disaster management. Having too many responders on site can cause serious problems.
Manageable Span-of-Control within SEMS/ICS is a limitation on the number of emergency response personnel who can effectively be supervised or directed by an individual supervisor. The type of incident, the nature of the response or task, distance, and safety will influence the span of control range. Each activated function will have a person in charge of it. Every individual will have a supervisor and each supervisor should be responsible for no more than seven employees, with the ideal span-of-control being three to five persons.1. Do you believe that a span of management of three to five persons to be the most effective span of control during a response to a disaster? If not, Why?2. Would this recommended span of management possibly result in too many leaders and not enough people to actually do the work being located on site at any one time in ICS?
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