1.       Write a letter with email merges of at least 10 names & addresses – Letter should be an invitation to an event: basically state what your business does.


2.       Draw 3 different types of graphs in a spreadsheet using the data attached


3.       Create a macro in a spreadsheet to simplify the routine steps of a procedure


4.       Create a database type list in a spreadsheet and use filters to query and filter into subcategories


5.       Copy a table of information from spreadsheet into a different spreadsheet and flip it onto its side while keeping the data integrity intact.


6.       Create named ranges in a spreadsheet. How are these useful?


7.       Create a pivot table in a spreadsheet. How does this help me analyse my data?


8.       Create a new access database with 2 new tables and populate these tables with some data .






Delivery Saturday night or Sunday morning


Delivery it in a way that is possible to print


Please use Microsoft office 2007



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